7 December, 2007


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From Now Until January!

You should be revising in earnest for your exams. There are still outstanding items of homework from some of you. If you want feedback on your work you need to hand it in.

A2 – remember with Module 3 you need to look at both sentencing and damages to be able to answer fully. Please refer to your revision guides. If you are unsure come and see me. With Module 4 you need to able to comment on the reforms to the OAPA – both fatal and non fatal. This is worth significant proportion of your mark for your paper.

In class we will revise topics that you are having problems with. Please come to lessons with an inkling of what you are struggling with!

We will practise exam technique and writing answers under exam conditions.

There is however, no substitute for hard work!

Take your mock exam in the last week of term seriously please. If you have missed lessons please come and see me for any missing handouts.

Merry Christmas!

P.S Good luck.


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  1. I love the idiosyncratic way you wrote this, complete with all the Star Wars references! Addressing the topic of ageism & sexism full stop is importan Click

    Comment by easterburch76787 — 9 April, 2016 @ 11:49 pm

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